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Greatest Hits (US Version)

US Greatest Hits
  1. Never Gonna Give You Up – Single/LP Version
  2. It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man – Single/LP Version
  3. She Wants To Dance With Me – Watermix
  4. Whenever You Need Somebody – 7″ Version
  5. Move Right Out – 7″ Version
  6. Giving Up On Love – 7″ R&B Version
  7. Together Forever – Lover’s Leap 7″ Remix
  8. Take Me To Your Heart – 7″ Version
  9. My Arms Keep Missing You – The No L Mix
  10. Aint Too Proud To Beg – Single/LP Version
  11. Hopelessly – Single/LP Version
  12. When You Gonna – 12″ Version
  13. Never Knew Love – Remix
  14. Hold Me In Your Arms – 7″ Version
  15. When I Fall In Love – Single/LP Version
  16. Cry For Help – Single Edit
  17. The Ones You Love – Single Edit

Whenever You Need Somebody is the first solo album Rick recorded, released on 16th November 1987. Six of the tracks were released as singles, although that’s not true of all territories. The most widely released being Never Gonna Give You Up, Whenever You Need Somebody, Together Forever, When I Fall In Love. It Would Take A Strong Strong Man was released in the US and Don’t Say Goodbye in parts of Europe. Rick wrote the remaining tracks on the the album which went on to sell 15.2 million copies within the first year of release. It reached Top 10 status in most of the World Charts and occupying Number One in most of them.

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